Client Services

In addition to saving you money, the Grant Qwest offers much more than only the customary grant proposal writing service. With our extensive experience in developing successful grant seeking strategies, comprehensive research capabilities, effective resource development, compelling grant proposal writing services and vital post-grant follow-up procedures, we will work side by side with you each step of the way in the grant development process. It all starts with . . .

We begin with a visit to your location or with an on-line questionnaire to determine you current or future funding probability and grant-eligible needs. These comprehensive assessments usually take a full day to complete on-site and generally involves a series of key individuals and group interviews. The on-line questionnaire is a pre-qualifier that can be completed and returned at your own convenience, but may still necessitate an on-site visit to your location. We will augment the client needs assessment with a review of your existing promotional materials, mission statement, strategic plans, annual report, previously submitted grant applications and other pertinent materials.

Based on the information collected from the  on-site or on-line needs assessment process, we undertake an exhaustive search of our extensive database of grant makers to match your specific needs with the giving interests of more than 70,000 private and corporate foundations, hundreds of federal and state programs and other frequently overlooked funding and investor sources. We also do a search of international funders who have historically supported cause that are similar to your needs. When linked with an effective resource development plan, our far-reaching database will enable us to more successfully market your program to the all the most appropriate and responsive funding institutions.

Once we have identified funding prospects most likely to respond to your program needs, we will develop a strategy tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual grant makers. This is based on all the most current information we are able to obtain through our frequent contact with numerous grant makers, review of their tax records, and other organizations they have recently supported.

Our next step is to prepare grant proposals for submission to multiple funding sources. Contrary to the standard “one proposal fits all” strategy of grant writing, we individually craft each of your proposals to meet the unique requirements of each individual grant maker we have identified for submission. Understanding the reality that a non-targeted approach to grant proposal writing predictably leads to rejection, our custom-made grant proposal strategy is designed to dramatically increase the probability of success from each individual grant maker.

As experienced professionals, we know what grant makers look for in fundable proposals. We skillfully prepare each grant proposal with a statement of needs, project narrative, goals and objectives, projected   outcomes, evaluation methodology, program  budget, the capabilities of your organization  and the individuals who will manage the funded project.

We also include all the required documents and addendum materials together with a cover letter and executive summary, indexed, fully prepared, edited, proofed, and sent to you ready for you final approval, appropriate signature and mailing.

This is where normal grant consultant services typically end, but not with the Grant Qwest. We will continue to serve and support you by monitoring each proposal through the various stages of a grant maker's review process. We also respond on your behalf to each grant makers request for additional information to further support your proposal.

Another step that is generally ignored by other grant consultants is the post grant follow-up. With the Grant Qwest, once you have been awarded a grant we will continue working with you by preparing reports to the grant maker advising them of your progress with the project they funded. We clearly understand that this is crucial to building long-term relationships with grant makers and often leads to future funding support.

To help you achieve and maintain funding   success, we will continue regular personal   contact to stay current on your changing   needs, and to keep you fully informed of our  activities on your behalf. We also operate as your source of investigative research to uncover and identify new grant pportunities   and funding sources that are easily overlooked by busy development officers.