Fee Structure

When you contract the professional services of the Grant Qwest to aggressively search out grants for your organization, you can totally avoid the enormous expense of creating or maintaining your own in-house resource development officer or department, saving thousands of dollars annually.

Because we comply with the strict standards set forth by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Grant Professionals (AAGP), we do not take a large commission from grant awards or donations, nor do we work on a contingency basis and we never build our fee into the grant request.

With the Grant Qwest, you can lock your cost in at a fixed annual retainer payable over a 12-month period that is based entirely on the number of grant-eligible projects requiring funding and the complexity of the written proposal desired. When computed on a basic retainer fee of $3,000 down and $1,500 per month for the succeeding eleven months, you can retain our services for less than 1/6 of the amount necessary to create and maintain your own in-house grants department or employ a full-time professional.

Before your organization undertakes its next project, please contact us for an exact quotation based on your unique needs and requirements.