Grant Help

The mission of the Grant Qwest is to help Christian organizations and qualified nonprofit agencies in their quest to become financially self-sufficient by maximizing the probability of their funding success.

As every development officer knows, your ability to get funded depends directly on the quality and effectiveness of your grant seeking strategy. Within that process, an exceptional Grant Proposal is the strongest statement you can send to foundations and donors that you are committed to the success of your fundable program or project.

Established in 1981 as NP Marketing, Grant Qwest has an illustrious record and renowned reputation for leading clients to funding success. In this complex and highly competitive world of grant seekers, Grant Qwest can function as a "virtual" grants or capital development department that can dramatically increase the probability of funding success for your organization.

Are you one of the many individuals with resource development or fund raising responsibilities who are finding it increasingly difficult to seek out foundations grants and other sources of major gifts without giving serious thought to hiring a full-time professional? Before you do, here’s a common scenario you might want to consider:

Once you factor in the time and cost of finding the right individual, paying another salary and benefits, purchasing another computer and software programs, research directories and database materials and adding to your overhead expense for additional supplies and secretarial support, your cost can quickly soar to $75,000 to $100,000 a year . . . and you are still not guaranteed funding success.